Tilde.red Charter

Principles of Tilde.red can be summed up with: People have the right to determine and create their own social structures, in which all people are represented, and share equal stake.

Member Rights


Membership to tilde.red is subject to approval by current members of the system. The manner in which the membership agrees to a new member shall be decided by the membership.

Shared Ownership

Ownership of the system is not the same as having administrative access. Which members that are entrusted to have administrative access is determined by the general assembly of the membership.


Member disputes shall be decided by a welfare council, any time membership exceeds 10 people. The welfare council shall consist of no fewer than 3 non-involved members. If it is not possible to find 3 uninvolved members, the welfare council shall solicit members from the tildeverse to hear, and make the recommendation to general body for final decision.

Non-interference Of Use

Non-interference of use includes, but it not limited to: a single user utilizing all storage, memory, or CPU time; which precludes others from using the system in an equitable manner. Utilizing the full resources of the machine is allowed, if the membership agrees to it, however.

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall meet no less often than every other month. The manner in which the meeting occurs is for the membership to decide, for each meeting. By default, however, the meeting shall occur in the channel #red on irc://tilde.chat.

The manner in which the general assembly is conducted, is subject to the will of the membership. The default manner is consensus based decision making.


The general assembly, may at any time, form committees, for the purpose of fostering community growth, and stability. Examples include, but are not limited to: Committe For Web Site Administration, or Committee For IRC Moderation.

Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee, when formed, shall consist of no fewer than 3 members, who are selected for the position using approval voting. The welfare committee shall make a decision regarding the dispute, which shall be binding.

Affinity Groups and Associated Communes

While, all members shall enjoy the commons, any group of members can elect to form an affinity group of commune of their own. Tilde.red shall provide space for that group of members, until such a time as they can manage their own systems and democratic structures, and they decide to wholly separate. This can include, but is not limited a new isolated environment for them to operate in. The decision that they can manage their own affairs is decided upon by the commune or affinity group.

These communes and affinity groups shall remain affiliated until such a time that tilde.red, the associate group, or both, decide to break off such affinity.