1. There are no gendered pronouns to be used. The preferred pronoun is "Comrade", but any gender-neutral pronoun may be used. Gendered pronouns are an example of class warfare, and the attempt by the bourgeoisie to divide us, only to defeat us. Infractions will get you warned first, then banned upon second offense.

  2. There are two types of citizens here: Comrades, and Czars. The only difference is that czars have been voted on to execute system maintenance, and have higher security level access. It does not mean their opinion or speech is more important than anyone else's.

  3. Any change to the system must be voted on by the citizens. Various activities will have a "time to expire" for votes. The vote is tallied at the expiry time. More serious changes will have their votes opened longer, but at no time shall any vote be shorter than 6 hours.

  4. Changes to the rules shall be voted on, and have a 72 hour long expiry.

  5. You are responsible for checking your mail, locally, for status updates.

  6. Membership of the czar group shall be voted on by all citizens. These voting periods are no shorter than 60 hours in length. This includes recovation of membership to the czar group.

  7. Any citizen can call for a vote at any time, within the bounds of the rules.

  8. Any classism will not be tolerated. There is a three strike rule to this. Upon the third offense, there is a banning.

  9. Any citizen can cite another citizen for violation of these rules. For a violation to be logged, a vote of no shorter than 4 hours will be called. The maximum duration shall be 24 hours. Voting length is determined by the citer.

  10. Any vote can be ended early if a unanimous decision has been reached.